Whilst we focus on funding enterprises playing in all sectors of the economy, our emphasis is on identifying high growth businesses in the strategic sectors of the economy. These include:

1.     Input/Raw material producer groups

2.     Agro processing and business

3.     Textiles and Clothing

4.     ICT

5.     Pharmaceutical and cosmetics

6.     Waste management

7.     Distribution and trading

8.     Tourism, Arts and Crafts

The target group is segmented to include

1.     Existing businesses ready to move to the districts and expand their operations.

2.     New businesses that seek to operate within the districts and have the capability of sourcing for raw materials and employing 5-25 people from the district through their operations.

3.     Businesses that have the capability of enhancing the operations of input providers and suppliers towards the demand of factories in the districts

4.     Businesses whose operations focus on distribution and market access for goods produced in the districts.

5.     District-level businesses which have the potential to grow but need all or any of the below:

a.     Technical support

b.     Long term investment

c.      Standardisation to meet competition

d.     Brand improvement

e.     Market access